7 days of photos

I think this is the last long Hong Kong post, and then it's back to real-time updates (that's a lie - at some point I'm going to have to sort through Thailand pictures). Classes start on the 11th, so I'll probably not have time to edit as many photos anymore. 

And I'm always unsustainably enthusiastic when classes start - I write everything down, I go to office hours, I take the most ridiculous notes, I read when I should be skimming, etc - but I am going to have to stay on top of it. I have 10 hrs of classes on Mondays and Wednesdays; Tuesdays and Thursdays are just 2 hrs of accounting in the morning for only half the semester....which means plenty of time for me to feel like I have enough time not to do work. Do you get what I mean?

So plan: internship and a part-time. The busier I feel, the better I focus. 

Anyway, here are 7 days that I haven't posted too much about, in chronological order:

Hong Kong had a Wine and Dine festival back in November, so of course I decided it was a necessary outing as it was a cultural experience - honestly, we were in Hong Kong and had access to all these foreign wines and they were telling us the different ingredients in the wine and we had to nod along, pretending we knew what we were doing when we choose our respective wines. They were very stingy with the portions though, definitely gave us less than the minimum.

A few days after that a group of us met up on Avenue of Stars. This would be the same night as the hung hom post and this post, I'm pretty sure.
I was obsessed with this father-son duo at the ferry terminal and I tried to take a decent photo of them - I had it in my mind that it would turn out artsy - but I'm not too sure of the outcome. Also took a tram as our destination was a bit past Sheung Wan. It was quite a sleepy tram.

The day after was a study day, which I halfway documented here - there's the view from the library and there are my notebooks and the like. 
Sort of studying, sort of not.

Then fast forward a few days to an open-top bus ride...

...which was the first attempt at getting to the Peak.

It was nice - kind of weird how there are malls up there as well. And we somehow paid 40HKD for access to the top viewing area, which wasn't much different from ground floor.

And dinner at Yonge Piggies
Dirtiest poutine honestly. Filled you right up.

A little library trip consisting of no shoes & basically giving up

And finally this nice little area on campus - 

I'm pretty sure this is the last of the Hong Kong posts for now, save for maybe some one-photo posts when I'm feeling nostalgic. Now back to LA for hardcore studying (aka finance) (and accounting) and that nice hot & dry weather. 

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