big hong kong iphone cleanout

I had an iPhone for a hot second in HK, then one day I decided to go on a run and then on the run I decided I'd try something new so I went for one of those sprint for a bit then jog for a bit runs. And on one of my sprints the iPhone just leaped out of my hands and it fell and the screen went black forever. Thankfully, though, all the photos were still accessible when I hooked it up to the computer, and now since I have yet to take photos while being home, I went through them and they brought back some nice memories. So here we go:

This is just one of the hostels on campus - I really liked this one for the plants that you can see growing underneath it. I took this photo one of the first days I arrived and I've walked past this hostel so many times, which is why I think it's grown on me.

Then onto Henri's last night in HK - aka I was officially alone on a continent by myself! Giggles all around! ; )

I used to run for the first few months but then the hills got to me and I was fed up. But I yeah! Mirror selfie! I was such a fan of those. Also, my hostel wasn't nearly finished but they moved us in anyway. I took that photo of the 'sky garden' as they advertised on the website.

Vision was the first magazine I bought in HK. I thought there'd be some English seeing as there's English on the cover, but nope, all in characters. It still looks really cool though. I bought another one a month later and brought them back - going to basically try and cover a good portion of my wall with characters. And with the cool images because god damn they're good!

I had dinner w/Lum for his birthday at a Shanghai dumpling place. Very yummy, very gaudy interior, very typical. I loved it.

My campus was really green. Really really green.

Break from the green! My advertising teacher had the most ridiculous powerpoints but very entertaining. 

That pit was ridiculous. Anyway, in the photo just above this text you can see i-House on the left, the one that looks like a square is the first hostel I posted and the one on stilts is Lee Woo Sing. The black one on the right corner is the one I lived in - second floor, left wing.

I took these the one time I managed to run on the water instead of campus. I had high hopes of doing it more but I think I only did it 2 more times.

Fabric sourcing for Henri's suits.

These photos were taken at Stanley Beach w/my uncle and cousin. We ate at a French restaurant for breakfast and I thought it was the weirdest thing. It's like a little European area in Hong Kong. Obviously very good windsurfing spot too.

There was a yummy place on campus - Jenny and I went once during a desperate time for vegetables and we said we'd go back but we never did...They also had that thing where you have to clean your own utensil. I think I talked about that in the original post.

Anyway, I think that's all for now.
I've already posted quite a few way back when I was in HK (god do I miss those days). I'll probably continue posting HK photos as I have no new ones, but they'll pop up. LA has cool things to do too.

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