first day of school

Yesterday after classes (which ended at 8 for me, and was v stressful because what are schedules) B & I went to Chicken Itza, on the total opposite side of campus. Very yummy. This is what I wore - basically my standard outfit for the past few months.

As you can see, brand new white and sparkly AF1s. I put leather lotion on them. These babies are going to be clean all the time.

Back to food.

I'm not too sure what those were, I just saw the pink pickled onions on the menu and decided I needed them. They were kinda dry, sometimes tasteless & I'm definitely not going to get them again.

Tacos tacos tacos. 

I only got those two dishes but the past days have been busy - driving down to LA and moving and first day stresses - so I haven't been having regular meals. And before dinner yesterday I don't even know what I was eating because I was running around campus (adventure - I went to a comm class. That was funny) and so after eating all of the above I felt so sick and full. Went on a walk to Ralph's to get juicing supplies. Everything made me feel sick, I was that full. So grabbed apples, almond milk and cereal and now I'm wishing I had picked up some goodies too. Thank god Celaya is right next door.

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  1. Is it quinoa burguer or something¿ nice outfit, I love dirty sneakers as converse, enjoy yours clean ;)