I like the Hung Hom station because a) it's pink, b) it's the end of the University line so c) if you get a seat you're solid for the 20 minute ride (some may argue that it isn't that fast, so maybe it's a 25 minute ride but honestly whatever if you're sitting down). Also it's the quickest (I swear it's the quickest) way to TST where I like to get something to drink (whether it's a mini wine bottle or a yummy mango drink) and sit somewhere along Avenue of the Stars and admire the Hong Kong skyline and giggle at all the cute tourists taking photos (because even though I kind of enjoy the touristy things like Avenue of the Stars and unnecessarily taking the ferry, I think I can say I'm not a tourist anymore).

(Do you like these parentheses?) (I guess I really am my father's daughter.) (He loves parentheses.)

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