This post is a far, far cry from Happy Castle, which is my more "mature" post (tehe). But I'm back to the webcam, mostly because setting up the self-timer on the camera is basically setting up failure, and, for some reason, it feels more desperate than a webcam, especially because the webcam is over in 3 seconds whereas I'd have to hold these ridiculous poses for a full 10 seconds. Long, long time. These are more spastic and fun than a camera.

Don't worry though. I have less than a month to Hong Kong and I'll probably want to take real photos instead of webcam ones. So the posts will mature shortly. In the meantime, I thought I should pay homage to the kitchen, where I spend a lot of my time nowadays.

Are you sick of this shirt yet? This blog really does make it look like I wear the same thing every day, but I sort of do. I have some new digs I should show you but I feel really, really self-conscious when I take photos simply to show you what my clothes are. 

And can Magic Bullet endorse me instead of a clothing company? I kid I kid...

I have a great idea though. I'll just do these goofy posts but wear cooler clothes until I get my act together and just commit to being a "fashion blogger".

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