So here is part two of my tumblr - feature color. Now isn't it crazy how these photos individually may look "white" but then when you put them together they're actually all sorts of colors? There was this book I read way back in the day and I remember this girl was in an art class that she wasn't so good at and the teacher made her draw a white egg sitting on a white cloth on a white piece of paper and she was all like "How is this possible" and then one day she had a revelation and was like "omg there are all sorts of blues and greens and crazy things and I can do this!!" But yeah, that's what I was thinking as I was combining these.

I have a fun post I'm going to try to do tomorrow, if I have time to ~shoot~ it. Hint hint! It may not be up tomorrow but just know in your heart that I'll at least be working on it.

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