I went to Din Tai Fung over the weekend - aka the best dumpling house ever. In fact, it's so good that my brother has informed me that there's a knock off called Ding Tai Fung. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so you know this is the real deal. Real enough that I ate ten soup dumplings, this rice cake & chicken dish, garlic spinach and a red bean dessert bun. I love those red bean dessert things - once after I finished a whole ramen bowl at Santouka, I ignored my extremely full belly and got a sesame (!!) covered (!!) red (!!) bean (!!) rice (!!) cake (!!) mochi (!!) thing!!!

But I digress. Above is me cheesin' hard at all those yummy treats. And to try to bring this back to fashion, I have been wearing that outfit nearly every day this summer. Nike tennis skirt, which, for some reason, I get a lot of comments on how it's Nike and how cool that is, loose & flowy & breathable button ups with sandals. It's the best summer outfit for me right now as I'm trying to transition into a more mature wardrobe (just in time for my 20s ;})

I also bought a red fur coat in the middle of a heat wave. Pictures of that later.

We had an hour wait before being seated so we wandered around the very exciting strip mall and saw just about 20 of these machines. So fun. So pink. So much eye candy.

And afterwards we decided to wander some more to calm our full bellies, so we went into Takashima, a Japanese beauty store. Although if you ask me, they definitely need to change that sign. I think it's more frightening than beautiful, but to each their own. It is kind of cute the more I look at it.

Finally, which case would you pick? Definitely the far right. I'd probably also have to invest in some big pocketed pants, perhaps these? And are those also stretchy waistbands? Ugh, literally perfect for DTF.


  1. Put Some Pants on, Put some pants on!!! Mais aussi, looking FOINNNNNE

  2. hope you got one of those turtle toys.... yes I check your blog on occasion