A lot of you guys ask me what I like to do in my free time....JOKES no one asks me jack except for "Puffs take out the trash or I kick your beautiful behind out and off my couch"... I kid, I kid, but if y'all were wondering why I haven't been uploading (I know you are, I see the page views you hungry children), I haven't been uploading because I'm doing some Lynda learning on Photoshop CS6 (which I just got wooooo) and HTML coding (because ugh I love). I'm trying to learn how to do cool things before I upload any more stuff. I'm still in the beginning part of the tutorial where it talks about stuff like cropping and resizing - things I already know, but I absolutely refuse to skip them because then it would say that I only watched 75% instead of 100% and I can't let that happen.

But I did acquire 3 new things from my internship (meaning I was gifted them because I'm poor how else would I be able to afford!!!). 
1. I wear it on my pinky finger. It's supposed to be worn on your nail, like a claw. From Mr. Kate.
2. I'm all about hoops so when I was given a few earrings to choose from, I of course went for the dropped hoops out of some other triangle stuff that I don't understand. From 2Bandits.
3. And this is on my left middle finger, like just above the knuckle....like the middle one. The middle phalange. This is a fab ring, I haven't taken it off since. From Mr. Kate.

Now I am going to go back to Lynda. That is actually a very accurate photo - both Lyndas open, LA Yoga class tab (I have a one month subscription and must complete otherwise it would have been a waste of money!!!!) and me on the couch in those non-existant Nike short shorts, my bra off but next to me in case of an emergency and my janky little trustworthy phone at less than arm's length in case my mother calls. 

Oh, and that's my journal where I'm taking notes. That's not a note page, that's just a page I thought showcased how the rest of it looks - the color coordination and the stupid doodles and I don't know if you can see, but I boxed off a tiny area of the important stuff. I'm trying to make it look more like a crazy person's journal so it's gotten a lot scribblier with a lot of tape in it for no reason other than I like the way the tape yellows. That page was from February 27 2013 so just imagine how scribblier I have gotten since then. I'm very proud.

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