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Street Etiquette is in LA right now and they've  done basically all the big things me and Andy did (since there's two of them in SE is it SE are or not? I think not. Also *Andy and I but how weird is it to speak/write like 'Andy and I'). They've done LACMA and In N Out (really not that great) and they did Roscoe's (SO GOOD) but anyway, it's been nice watching it through instagram and being like yup yup and yup oh is that Kilo Kish's house okay yup to that too.

Okay so there were the regular things - the hand and the big sculpture thing that you can interact with. We paid for the Calder and Abstraction thing because James Turrell was sold out (also expensive I don't understand why people make art expensive I am so broke rn for a really stupid reason it's so stupid tbh) and it was a waste of money. One security woman told us not to breathe on it and I giggled so we walked around weird sculptures that we weren't allowed to interact with or get close to and that's all I want to do when it comes to sculptures - get really personal with it. 

Anyway, very sad - all the good things weren't on aka the Metropolis II and the light thing next to it - LACMA holds a v special place in my heart for a very good reason and Metropolis II was one of the best things there so very sad it wasn't working tbh. But there was a film room with strips from Lions Love (...and Lives) and it was very fun to look at.

I'm using some of those film photos for a net art project where I go through all of my online and journal writings and pick the funniest ones and the best ones and compile them. I'm doing a research project on myself how narcissistic is that. Not only do I have this blog and multiple journals where I write about random things and about me, I'm also making a final project about me. I'm lolling. 

Now, after the film stuff, we had a lil fun.

This next set is called 'Andy can't dance'. Also jeez it was so sunny and hot but I wore my red fur coat. Really wish it was black but it was the only one in my size at a sample sale for $150 instead of $1000 sooooo pretty self-explanatory there.

Finally there was this Japanese museum between LACMA and the tar pits. I'd never been in it but from the outside it was maybe my favorite building. Look how nice that is!! And then you go inside and it sort of looks gnome-y or something, I'm not sure, but I love the railings - mental note to myself to install those railings somewhere somehow.

And that's that for now! I've finished a design project and did this and now I'm off to do some finance before I run (literally) to my landlady's house to drop off a check and then to the gym and then back home for yoga and then ugh I'm not 21 and don't feel like going to a bad party where you have to pay $5 for shitty alcohol so I think B and I are going to have a very nice bottle of wine and record a radio show explaining all the 90s hip hop songs on the playlist I made for him woooooo woo! Then I'm most likely going research designers because right now I know some sites that I like but I need to know designers and educate myself seeing as how shit USC's intermedia selection is. And I have to toughen up and take a 2-5pm on FRIDAY type course next year oh my jesus. 2-5pm. 

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