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I've been using my iPhone to take photos since I've been back. It's much easier and quicker and also, even though I've deleted everything off my memory card it's saying there's not enough room so that's the real reason I'm not using my real camera. I'll figure that out (aka buy another memory card REMEMBER THIS ISABELLE) before I leave for London (still woo-ing tbh) (not believing it till 2 weeks in) (also v lucky & grateful). 

Just two days in this post. These photos are all of building in DTLA: 
(quick note here, Andy stole the first photo for his instagram. It's actually mine but it's fine because I got some other really nice ones. Also don't know if I went to edit-happy on these oops)

Next up is the penthouse party. But first.....

Look at the curve of that body (!!) but for real though, this was waiting in line somewhere while our friend went to see if it was 21+ which is inevitably was & so we had our plan B - penthouse party. The lollipop was fitting.

I don't know how high up we were but for the last one I was honestly clutching on to my phone for dear life. I even dropped an ice cube off the balcony but couldn't watch it go down because it made me feel sick. I'd never thought I was afraid of heights but I think it was b/c the porch was about the size of a small shower and there were maybe 20 people on it so it was going to break for sure. 

Also there was someone making fun of us for taking photos and I defended the shit out of it. I really didn't like that tbvh and I think I said something about how maybe he needs to enjoy himself and where we're at just a little bit more. I think my biggest pet peeve is when people try too hard not to care about cool things or take it for granted. Like it was a cool penthouse w/really good views and we were too close to the sky how could I not get really excited about it?

Okay then we went to the Getty and LACMA but those will be other posts so here's a last photo of us before Roscoe's (so good, could go for a meal there rn)

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