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Mariel gets to go to OFFF Barcelona for work (that lucky lucky girl tbh) and she asked me which designers I think she should go to and I felt really stupid because the only designer I recognized was Chipp Kidd and I should probably educate myself a whole lot more. I've taken two design courses at school so far and the only thing I've learned from them is how to use the programs - I really wish they'd expose us to designers and the history of design and things like that. I guess maybe if I majored in it they would? I don't know, but would actually rather learn on my own when it comes to stuff like this.

I browsed through their schedule and picked out one design firm I liked. I should really keep up on this, maybe try and do one of the posts once a week or something.

First up is Vicente Garcia Morillo

I liked it at first and then I realized that I didn't know what the name of the firm or person is unless I looked at the URL. Also what is the logo? It sort of very much looks like MOM. But it is nice that colors change when hover - a little tumblry though. I don't know.

And then I clicked on a lot of them and couldn't find one I liked. The nice ones were also a bit to tumblr-y, like this:

But I did find a cool magazine that they worked with called JPeople. I don't know what it is really but here's a lil screenshot and also a reminder to me to figure it out. Also very tumblr-y as well, but nice.

But to be honest I clicked through a lot of them but the websites were not making me want to go further. So far it's just this one but I have a few other websites I know I can research on so I'm going to do that later but right now am very engrossed in a super intelligent ( : P ) show. 

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