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It's been kind of a while huh? I've been slacking off in my journal too a bit which is always annoying but it's mainly because of school. I finished my accounting course finally, which means 1 less class to kill myself over. Still have finance and then Business Communications - all presentations. I am a twitchy mess when I get up to speak, also because all of the prompts are very business related, and despite having taken a ridiculous amount of business classes, I still can't bullshit for 3 minutes. I can't bullshit for much you know. 

Andy's stay is over now and I have a lot and a lot of photos but first I need to sort through them and maybe edit them (edit them to look like they aren't edited am I right??). I'll do a few now and then I'll be back to regular posting again weehooo to my v few viewers!!

A bit of a jumble of photos but it's late and I want a new post. So here goes the description: first photo - a very cool maybe abandoned (??) hotel in downtown LA that I pass by very often, then a typical outfit of mine + clean mirror!!! and another me photo. Up next is Andy at Umami then a grad school exhibition that includes this which I'm interpreting as interactive art : pls stick gum to this sculpture, and a photo of Andy posing. Next set: Andy and I outside & across the street from a grimey door (AF1s flossy and shiny!) and the inside of The Last Bookstore. Finallllllly a singular photo out of many from a penthouse party. My friend's brother's friends party - the views were sickening tbh, I had to hold on to the railing to get some of the photos. Okay, it's late for me as in 1:30am usually I'm more of a midnight when I can pls sort of person. More and more of where this came from. I'll ttyl. Also, bonus: London internship for the summer ~~!

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