Classes this morning didn't start until 10am (bless. And the course is finished March 8th. And it's accounting. So only 8 weeks of this torture!) so the other Isabelle and I went to Celaya for breakfast. And on our way we saw the sun peeking through the clouds. It was very pretty and almost fake, especially since it was contained to that little area. Totally clear at Celaya!

Then I went to class, got a seat this time, thank you, and came home. Put some music on the speakers, sat on the porch and lotioned up these babies. I felt like world was (almost) in order.

After I indulged in that little funfest of me pretending to be a boy (I should have kept the box the shoes came in. Honestly, pray for the poor little piece of dirt that thinks it's aight to land on these shoes), we went to Ralph's to buy cleaning supplies and food and spent a solid 10 minutes trying to find the best deodorant (conclusion: why are there no gel ones for women? Women are only offered the gross wet ones.)

Also I borrowed Mama B's bag and I couldn't figure out which photo I looked less goofy in, so I chose both.

And while Isabelle was preparing lunch, I took some house photos. These are all from the view of the couch because I haven't left that for the past 2 or 3 hours.

And lunch with New Girl (and Modern Family....and Sex and the City).

We ate a sweet potato and a lot of mochi after this. And I went through craving chocolate to oreos to bubble tea in a series of two seconds.

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