last days in hong kong

 This post will be dedicated to the last few photos I took while in Hong Kong. These were all from the last week of November (maybe a few days before then as well). 

We went to another rooftop in TST. It wasn't very high up but it was still yet another decent break from below. 

Another day we went to Kowloon Park and watched the flamingos. They were not pink at all and I felt bad for them and the water was very, very green.

There's a yummy restaurant in Wan Chai called Ted's Lookout. A bit out of my budget but I still got three tacos for 100HKD. I think I tried to get a photo of it but the tacos were so tiny and I really couldn't be bothered at the time. But outside there was a cool little sit down area.

Lol mom stop taking photos!

And finally, a little homage to all the times spent in Benji Franks on campus. I was made fun of for taking these photos but in a sense it's a bit like an outfit post considering those are my slides and I own that sweater now (technically on loan or whatever) (but ha to that). 

Wow great outfit post, great model for my clothes. Anyway, these photos were on my backup memory card - I have many more to sort through. I feel like this post started off strong and then just went to a weird place. But that is good motivation for me to get some new posts up to push this one deep into the archive. 

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