perry rubenstein - art or people watching ??

I received an email from my Internet Studio professor saying he, along with other people who have popped up in our syllabus, has work up in a gallery in Hollywood and we should definitely come. So of course I hopped on that opportunity, mainly because I wanted to score good points with him. Isabelle & I got dressed, drive over, park and enter and I see him within 10 minutes but I was too awkward to do anything other than bounce around and say hi and scurry away. Ha ha ha. Points.

So first there was this. Like a carpet cone where loads of tacos and burritos and odd shapes were projected on it? Jesus. I don't get it & don't ask me to get it. All I wanted to do was lay against the carpet cone and look up but there were no signs as to whether the art was supposed to be interactive. I think it should have been; I'd have been all up in the arts.

We spent the majority of the time people watching & trying to understand the pieces. We didn't so we made stuff up and analyzed everyone's outfits. The last one - the guy with the lint roller - is my professor's work. Maybe he'll explain later? Also, directly below - obsessed with that girl's hair and pants + shoes combo. Very nice. A lot of people tried too hard, which is standard considering it was weird art in a gallery in Hollywood. 

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