menswear for dinner

I haven't gone a day back home without wearing that coat. Winter break is the only time I get access to this so I make sure it never leaves my side - mother just asked me to stop using it as a bathrobe as it's hers and it's too nice for me to be wearing it nonstop. I found the pants in my closet. I remember being with Mariel when she bought them but she's never worn them so I guess they're mine now (?). 

Henri got oysters to start so I took one (the missing one, do you see where it should be?). They taste like mermaids.

And then I got a wild boar pasta dish and I dunno, the cheese was nice? The boar was not as soft and yummy as it was when we went to Sotto in LA but you know, I couldn't really complain because it was still decent and food snobs are annoying sometimes. But I probably would have chosen to have a dozen more oysters over the boar.

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  1. Great coat and gorgeous dinner hope you have wonderful christmas, love the HK !pictures so decadent