Apologies for not posting yesterday - I had the whole day to do work and literally did nothing, and now that I only have a few hours today of study time I'm just racing through my list. I have some photos of my outfit from that night and I look pretty ridiculous as I have yet to learn how to pose. When I allow myself a nice long study break to edit photos and learn some radial-something on Photoshop, I'll upload a second post tonight to make up for the missed one yesterday.

Am taking this one post a day thing seriously ya hear?

Oh and that is my friend Agnes from Austria (not wearing Adidas b/c she does not share my love) - we've been wearing basically the same outfits every time we hang out. It does help that we have the same color choices, aka black and white and navy sometimes. But yeah, we have much in common and it's nice to have a friend like that when you're all the way across the world.

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