I asked my friend Lum to bring me to a very Chinese restaurant for lunch. He picked Lin Heung Tea House, which is supposed to be pretty famous. I got there on time-ish (about 20 minutes late) and he wasn't there so I decided to walk up and see what it looked like and I was the only Western person. So then I left because I felt very uncomfortable and went to Topshop to get their wifi to see where Lum was and by the time we both made it back to the restaurant, it had been an hour after our set time.

And of course their dim sum was finished....we got the last few baskets (holy cow I actually cannot remember what it's called...but like the bamboo things that hold all the dumplings) and it was the weirdest stuff ever aka chicken feet (standard for me at this point, actually) and pig skin (which wasn't crunchy. It actually tasted alright but I kept thinking about the fact that I was eating SKIN and couldn't get past it). It was clearly very authentic because none of the waiters could speak english and I want to go back, only I don't think I could do it unless I had someone who could speak Cantonese. 

Also, I know I'd say outfit post but editing photos of yourself takes way too much time and I got a presentation to prepare! Also I looked weird.

PS Can you tell how I like adding grain. Like to the point where it's kind of too much. But we all go through phases so just bear with me.

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