I have a list of clothes that I need to buy and I can finally cross one off - black miniskirt that I can throw on with a tank top or sweater or t-shirt or slides or boots or just about anything. My only black skirt was this Nike tennis one and it honestly would have done the trick if it a) didn't have the Nike logo and b) wasn't made of spandex. I wear it out back at school because it's like all house parties and the occasional frat so that doesn't really matter, but here it's better to just wear a normal black skirt. And it's got a cool school-girl vibe w/black leather inserts!

The slides are a godsend and I get compliments on them daily and it's good. Now, off to single-handedly do research for a presentation because my group blows.

It's kind of funny looking at these photos and at how girly I'm dressing. If I were to see these photos like last fall or even last spring I would have been completely weirded out...I go from dressing like a homeless person to dressing like I'm a boy to dressing like I'm from Compton to dressing like a total girl to dressing homeless again. And now I just want my red fur coat.


  1. Looking good Isabelle Angele. Loving the not so nike nike skirt. Hope you're honging kong hard.