So Madde visited me in Hong Kong for a few days - and if you're reading this, I do have photos of us, I have just been too lazy to edit anything - and I did my best to take her around town. These photos were from the last night she was here. Agnes had arranged for a French dinner for all the French (and Swedes and Germans and Americans) who were missing their food. It was pretty yummy actually but I'm too poor for anything so ordered their salad. Mmm vegetables (for real though).

This is Kevin. Quite remarkable he didn't make a face in the second photo.

And here is Brenda. Everyone here is so nice I honestly love it. I think it's just that they're all so open and I've definitely been making an effort too. Everything's just paying off.

Also - have never uploaded so many photos of myself. I'm feeling a bit narcissistic but that's cool. I'll be back to random posts of nothing soon enough.

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