These photos were taken during my first week here. Henri was still with me at this time and he says traveling "energizes" him. Personally, I was feeling gross from airplane food (I did eat the shrimp and I got sick) but I just called on Dr. Jesus and everything was back to normal. 

I don't get why Ladies Market is called Ladies Market. I'm pretty sure that boys can find things to buy here too. Or maybe I'm missing some crucial detail. But the buildings were nice and pink!

We barely caught the fish market and they had bags of fish stapled (?) or glued (?) or pinned (?) to the walls of the stands.

Finally, because we walked everywhere that day and basically tried to do too many things in too little time (I think we had also done the Ten Thousand Buddhas this day as well. I'm not positive but I remember wearing the same outfit during the markets and the buddhas. However, I also wore the same outfit two days in a row so hm), we saw almost nothing from the flower market. I don't think I'd go back to the ladies or the fish one, but I definitely want to go back to the flower market.

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