Sinmei Tea is a teahouse completely inspired by green tea - as in every drink and pastry has green tea in it in some form. It's in Sheung Wan on Wing Lok street and you have to enter a very business-like building to get to a kind of stuffy but totally awesome tearoom:

Henri and I have been traveling around Hong Kong for the past few days (mostly Henri though, I've been trying to make friends at school, which if you know me in real life, is a real challenge on account of the fact that I make possibly the w o r s t first impression) and a lot of the places we've been to are supposed to be really awesome but are in fact full of white people who don't wear pants and aren't cool, which is not what we were trying to go for.

Luckily Lum was working at a store Henri was shopping at and introduced himself. He's from Hong Kong and is an aspiring singer - I need to find his YouTube channel though. I saw some videos and they have a decent amount of views, plus he told us that after we had left visiting him at work, a young couple started talking to him and told him they were fans!!

Henri ordered plain green matcha tea (in the black cup), Lum got the hot chocolate green tea (which I'm definitely ordering next time) and I got the Chai Chai, which is basically chai-infused green tea. We also ordered this green-tea cake w/green tea ice cream...

Which is a total killer! Would you look at that! I normally only like chocolate desserts, but I have to say that this lava cake may have stolen my chocolate heart (I'm totally kidding. But I'm also now debating if given the choice, would I pick a chocolate or a green tea lava cake right now??).

The happy family!

And finally. Let me say something about the heat. It's forever around 90 degrees and the humidity is insane. So insane that every time I successfully put on jeans I cannot help but feel like the biggest superstar of all. The first two days I wore dresses but just about everyone here ignores the heat and wears whatever - I think it's because everything is air conditioned, and public transport takes you wherever you need to go, minimizing your time walking and allowing you to wear pants.

But I had to buy more tops. I need new shoes too. I crave that clunk.

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