Hong Kong has been very good to me. It's basically like freshman year all over again, but so far my past two freshman years were a complete struggle. The first one was at Jesuit where I made my one long lasting friend but was still about to die inside. And then at USC I did better but I still preferred being by myself instead of making friends. But here - the more down time you have the more you feel like you're wasting your time here & the more home sick you get. 

I don't think "home sick" is the right word - I think it's missing what's familiar and missing the people you can hang out with without needing an activity to bring you together. That's the most tiring thing ever. So as long as you're out having fun, you're totally alright. It's just those few hours of the day when you're alone and you feel a little sad. 

But that being said, I've got a good group here and we're about to have a fake beach day - fake because the weather's not good so we're just going to tan on the balcony.

Above and below are photos of me trying to get a bit of the outfit. Instead it looks like I'm being slapped in the face by the light. That's my roommate's side of the room, by the way.

The humidity has thankfully gone down and it is now dry enough to put the jeans on. But still 90 degrees. I'm local enough that it definitely no longer bothers me (jokes). I had to get some shirts because I only bought long-sleeves so I found 3 shirts on sale at Zara, each 5USD and each XL. They work. And when I go out I just slap some heels (!!!) and I'm good to go.

View off the kitchen balcony - basically a sinkhole.

View outside my window - glorious.

And my favorite all-time photo, so good I put 2 in 1. 
Dragon fruit! I bought 3 at the school grocery store for 0.64USD which is totally insane. And my sheets are my favorite. I had grey sheets for both my freshman and sophomore year so the nice girly touch is exactly what I need.

I have so many photos to sort through and a ridiculous amount of selfie-outfits, which is just going to have to do.

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