Prepare yourselves for a slew of gif(t)s on Angelebaby. Things are so much more fun in motion don't you think? And I always thought I looked better in videos than in photos (which is totally nonsensical, but whatever).
Anyway, this summer has been full of poordom but I did manage to save money to buy stuff (saving = eating lunch and dinner from Trader Joe's for less than $7 each day and taking samples from Whole Foods). These however, are from my lovely mommy and we got them on a massive discount at Zara. I now have leopard shoes and snakeskin shoes (I really need to start wearing the snakeskins). 

I think this is a great way for me to show my clothes considering I have massive fear of the camera and of posing (sometimes I get invited to frat invites and such and people take ridiculous amounts of photos at those, so I either run away or hide behind someone tall or stand so a w k w a r d l y on the edge of photos and I'm not standing straight enough or whatever and it's awful, awful). But I digress. I'll try and do my fur coat next so you know it's real instead of something I just like to talk about.

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  1. I love your blog and I can fully relate to the whole being awkward in photos thing! I need to train myself lol