My sweater is Elizabeth & James, a massive steal from a sample sale. The sweater has really fuzzy panels on the front, back and sleeves. I like that it's not on the shoulders because then I don't have to stress about it getting ruined when I'm carrying a heavy bag. I don't know how people wear expensive clothing daily, I'm terrified I'm going to ruin it. I didn't even brush my teeth while wearing this because toothpaste really ruins a shirt if you accidentally drool while brushing. I already did a post about my rings and I don't really take them off. Also, forever looking for the perfect hoops - I want them super big and super thin. Gold or silver.

Now here's a slower one so you can see how it hits the hips. I really like the lower cut in the back, perfect for when you're feeling gross and you just want to stay covered up forever. Tehe, I kid, I kid, but yeah, I really like this sweater and will wear it forever and ever and ever.

Next on my list to buy: a camera with video feature.

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