Okay so you know how people do "desktop cleanouts" and "instaLOVE" things? Well, my version is the webcam cleanout because whenever I'm bored in class or anywhere with my computer, I'll take photos of me or what's around me. This blog started off mainly from webcam photos and there's something about them that I still love because it's all simple and quick and not pre-meditated like a lot of photos are nowadays (except for Snapchat I guess). So here are a few (or a lot, depends on what you think) photos from this past year & summer.

 Doheny Library.
Brand spanking new shoes.
 I look like death here - right before an interview with W + K.
 Literally all I wore during Winter Break.
 January in LA is not real.
 Coziest turtleneck in all of History.
 VKC - waiting before my fatal fantasies class with the most awesome teacher ever.
 Look, even B got in on it!
I became obsessed with those hair-things, surprisingly inspired by my microecon teacher.
Lol not sober.
Best find.
 Year of the bruises.
 Year of the new funny selfie.

 Funniest shirt ever.
 New best selfie.
 Those 501's.
Annoying in a photo - the moustache coffee + adidas
 Wore this outfit twice in a row because it was very hot outside.
 Bless you 501s.
(ruh roh Mariel doesn't know I borrowed this)

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