Recently I bought $200 worth of Elizabeth & James clothing at a sample sale: this red fur coat for $150 and this black fuzzy sweater for $50. All in all it was an absolute s t e a l. The only problem is that I had to borrow money from my sister and I'm now in $130 debt. I also feel like I need to explain the fur purchase because I made a rule for myself never to buy "new" fur, only vintage fur that was made a long time ago. But we asked what they were going to do with the clothes if they didn't sell them, and they said put them in storage, so there was no way in hell I was going to let the poor bunnies die simply to be put in a box.

But my lack of funds has not stopped me from looking at shoes, so here are the ones I'd buy if I had money & a car (these are definitely not optimal for a college girl who either bikes or walks everywhere).

I just went to my cousin's house during my lunch break and she had a Free People catalogue, so all these shoes are from there. So here goes:

 These are nice and simple and those straps are extremely trendy right now. But I don't know if "trend" is the right word, or if I'm only now aware of them. Sort of like when I first "discovered" skinny jeans and high waisted skirts and I thought I was totally awesome for that. But then all the popular girls started wearing skinny jeans and high waisted skirts and I was all sad until I realized that they really weren't trends, they were real-live actual things. 

These are Jeffrey Campbells, which I'm usually not the biggest fan of on account of Litas, but I have to admit that they hit the nail on the head sometimes. Some of their shoes are just so well made - the less trendy ones. Except these are  straight rip-off of these beautiful Isabel Marant Carol sandals, and my very well-developed ethical side is saying no, but my more practical side is saying whatever, I'm a student and my very realistic side is shaking my head sadly because I will probably never be able to get ahold of these sandals - real or fake.

3. Ryan Sandal $60
Columbine has the real deal - and they're snakeskin or some sort of reptile so of course I'm in instant love. Also Columbine is such a babe it's unreal.

Very similar to the first pair of shoes in this list and I'm totally blanking on who's being ripped off right now but just take a look at how killer that pointy toe area is!! Like a total weapon on your feet. 

And of course these magnificent Ann D fake shoes that I first saw via J. Aldridge. These are probably the first pair I'd buy out of this whole set because the heel is the most manageable and they honestly seem like the most wearable. Like you could put them w/everything - especially black jeans and an easy t-shirt and that's all you need. I'm going to keep my eyes on these and wait for sale or for $$$ or both. I like the look of the white but I feel like they would be all around too clunky looking in white. Oh well, I have a very long time to decide.

PS - I'm doing a lot of Lynda stuff for Photoshop CS6 and I'm planning on having some awesome photos once I finish that. I'm also going to try and do more "outfity" type posts once I figure that out so yup. Also, if I become a real pro, imagine how insane my HK photos will be?!!!

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