I took a typography class last spring (this was the very beginning of my Steve Jobs phase). One of the projects was to take lyrics from a song, pick out 1 word, 1 sentence and then about 75-100 words and arrange them cool on the page. I chose "Help Yourself" by Amy Winehouse.

It's fun looking back on them because they're really quite unimpressive (granted, we were only allowed to use 5 fonts and we couldn't use shapes or colors but still....) and I think I could do it a lot better. Which means I'm going to redo the project over break probably, and probably going to use an Eminem song because that's something I would do.

Here are my favorite (only the paragraphs, the word ones were lame) (also I'm going to go ahead and say that everyone else's were complete shit compared to mine. Okay, glad we got that straight):
Holy cow, I'm excited to redo this project a million times better (like hello line break in the first one, whatttttt was I thinking?)

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