blue jeans

Fun fact: I haven't worn blue jeans since freshman year in high school. The blue jeans had the beginnings of a slut hole, as in the hole in the upper thigh area, and when I sat down to watch TV (another fun fact: sometimes I sit like a boy, like with the legs spread because it's really just more comfortable) the jeans rippppppped. Not like a demure, angelic slut rip, but like a raging whore rip, right up in that area. After that, I bought black Levi's and then I just got my jeans from Mariel. Of course, after I took these photos, I switched to my trusted velvet black skinnies instead. I need time to adjust you guys, it's really hard to know what to wear w/blue jeans. 

And good lord it's also hard to take photos of yourself. I was getting really achy in my abs (of steel) after these photos.

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