me & em

I love and will always love Eminem and 8 Mile. I worked on my digital tools project last night and got bored so I watched it and decided to take screenshots of whatever I liked about it (basically took a screenshot every 2 seconds). So now I have a ton of them and this will be the first in like 5 8 Mile posts. Get ready for it.

I'm starting the first one real simple: drawing parallels between me and Eminem.

 This is how I sit on the bus.
I'm left-handed as well 
I survived a house fire via arson...
And I watched it burn.
I enjoy some ethnic cuisine.
I can be real moody sometimes and when I am, y'all better step away. Especially since I don't do crew anymore so I will start yelling.
And when I get moody, I'm usually dressed like a bum and I sit somewhere, despondently listening to Eminem and getting angrier and then I go punch a ho.

So don't mess with me. xo :)


  1. its not that uncommon to be just like your brother...who is also tupac reincarnated
    namaste alecia!