a day in the life of me and my internship

I work at Sonos Studio - you guys should check it out because it's pretty cool. Anyway, I have painstakingly documented the internship portion of my day for you guys (I know you're out there even if you're not following/commenting, I can see how many people visit my blog per day...). This is going to be a funny post, I'm warning you, so make sure you pee before you continue reading.

Let us begin:
I started the day off in my Chinese Cinema (lol) class with some coffee and some chit chattin. Then it was off to the bus stop!

That fat lump next to my hip is my bag, not my hip. Tip: don't bring snacks to a bus stop because you will eat them all. They were supposed to be my lunch but nope, didn't last that long. Also, there was a girl on the bus, mid 20s, with literally no pants. Like just a tank top that she unsuccessfully tried to use to cover up her massive donk. I didn't get a front view so I don't know if her vag was out too, but I hope to the holy lord she just had a G-string on that I couldn't see because it was swallowed up by her buttcheeks.  But I digress.
I'm always doing inventory or reorganizing the stock room. I'm at my internship on Wednesdays and Fridays and I don't know how they do it, but I check it on Friday and it looks nothing like how I left it on Wednesday. Read about why I love my internship here.
Oh! But the point of the picture - it's like (innocent) Halloween in there! I grab 1 or 2 or 3 of those every 1 or 2 minutes (jokes).
After the stockroom I wash my hands in the bathroom, where there's stuff like this pasted on the wall (full bathroom post coming later). He's kind of a cutie I think. Although I got sick of his song that we played all time, and the accompanying video, which is a bit of a shame because it was pretty cool. Although, he's no Snoop or Tupac or Dre or Biggie or Ice Cube or Lil Kim or Blackstar or you get the drift...
Anyway, it's essential to moisturize your hands after washing them because when you're 50 and all plastic surgery-ed up, you don't want your hands giving away your true age...

After the stock room I did a few walking errands (gotta work off those candies yo!) I saw this car on the way to the mailroom:

If you've talked to me in real life, you've probably heard me talk about matte cars and how I've read that they're for drug dealers because when police cars are chasing them, they can just pull into a dark alley and the police lights won't reflect on the car. I dunno if this is true or not, but I'm going to assume it is and proceed to befriend anyone and everyone who owns a matte car (jokes). I also saw a 12 yr old school girl smoking a cigarette in her Vans and I was like guuuurlllllll. I wanted to take a photo but thought that was creepy, so I took this one instead, which is the front of the Studio.

Finally, I had to find this lightbulb and replace it. I went next door to a cool lighting fixture place and started to take a photo but then I got yelled at because I missed the ginormous sign on the front door saying "NO PHOTOS" #yolo
ps, does this lightbulb not look like a sperm cell
Anyway, that summarizes a very, very, very slow day at my internship (usually busy days I'd be too busy to take photos). 

Moral of this post: no idea what this blog is about, but I'm gunna do it once a day so you guys had all better be ready for this shit.

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  1. puppy needs to be black and matte
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