These are the two books I want to read asap (aka when this hellish semester is done).
Thinking With Type was for my type class last year. We never used it but I really love everything about it - the cover, the page layouts, the type of paper - the only problem is the first bits of the book are really boring. They talk about the construction of letters and all that jazz, which I guess is necessary, but it's really interesting to learn about the history of type. Although the next typography book I want to buy is going to be less about the history and more about a particular type of typography.
You can see some tracing paper from last year! I should look through that again...I actually really did enjoy those projects.
And that's the Bauhaus book. Not the most interesting book for pictures, but more about the history. It was only $16 so I guess I got what I paid for. And, let's be real here. I know nothing about Bauhaus so I really should just suck it up and read about. 

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