what happens when i study in the library

Now just as a warning, this post may not be that interesting to you all, but it's been the biggest part of my day, especially since from now to Friday my days consist of finance and CAPM and weak form/ semi-strong/strong economies and bonds and put and call options and blah blah blah.

But I sat down in a crappy spot in my favorite room in the library today and noticed that this guy had just left. I hopped up and grabbed my computer to take his place at the same time this girl waved to her boyfriend and pointed to the seat I had just pulled out. I lolled and set my computer down and grabbed the rest of my stuff and was like hey sorry I don't care. Then the girl gets up and over to her boyfriend, pretty sure begging him to move and she does this weird hopping up and down thing and he obliges and sits in between me and her - the only foot wide space in the entire room. There really wasn't any space for his massive size, the size that tries to trick you into thinking he's buff but has actually gone to seed. A N Y W AY. About 2 minutes after he squeezes his way in, she leans over and says something to him and they switched spots. 

They switched spots so she sat next to me instead of him sitting next to me! And then! Get this! The person on the other side of him leaves after about 40 minutes so she gets up again and sits on the other side, as if sitting next to me was the worst thing on earth. And then! Get this! They leave not 3 minutes after another elaborate switcheroo. 

It might be conceited of me to think it's all because I chose to take my rightful spot instead of letting mr. fake bulky man sit next to ms. flouncy hair but I don't care. It was a spectacle. A really great piece of drama that happened today that I really felt the need to write about.

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