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I haven't been able to take proper photos (or edit them really....) but it's been less than a week here in London and I want to move already. Andy had planned out a full day of activities on my first full day and the plan was to get them done but after a few hours out I crashed, especially seeing as I'd woken up at 4:30 that morning. We went to the Harrods food halls, which I remember from when I was here a few years ago (as a baby almost-teenager) and they were just as yum. The kids section was fun but oh my jesus the tech gadgets and books were the greatest. Then we walked over to Hyde Park and meant to rent one of those paddle boat things until we realized it was £10 each instead £10 for both of us so we just laid down for the 30 minutes that were meant to be on a boat. Afterwards we went to YoSushi and them mmm mm m Chinatown! A little dessert place called Candy Cafe that reminded me so much of Hong Kong - I've never felt so comfortable at a food place, more comfortable than my local taco place 2 seconds from my uni house. I made my own dessert - coconut sago base, red bean and matcha ice cream. I need to go back again and again and find the Chinatown in LA. And the rest are random photos from Andy's neighborhood and the plane flight and a book at Harrods.

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