la by andy

Here are the some of the photos Andy took while he was here in LA - there's stuff from the house, from LACMA and from downtown. 

I'm seriously thinking about starting a fashion blog, like a legitimate this is what I wore narcissistic blog. It'd be on a different blog but very similar layout and I'd have to be very committed to it, like try and post minimum once a week to start. I wouldn't be able to do just outfit posts, it would still have to have a sort of design-y feel to it and be kinda funny, otherwise I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously. I'm realllllly thinking about it and I might start it this summer. I'm thinking I'd do it on both tumblr and blogspot (like post one of the photos on tumblr) and they'd be under the same "angelebaby" name (probably angelebabes) but yeah, these are all thoughts I'm having and I really actually want to do it. My flight for London is Thursday at 11:10 am. I might try and shoot one outfit beforehand and see what I can do with it.

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