slip on shoes

I have two outfit ideas and both of them come together only because of slip on sneaks.

~ Disclaimer : I'm a college student, I have to walk a mile to my classrooms with a heavy bag and uneven sidewalks ~ 
Leather mini skirt
Muji or Uniqlo black turtleneck
Black leather trainers without a back (meaning this)
And if it's cold then add this coat from Zara

~ Disclaimer : this is not a real outfit. I can't think of a single situation in which I could actually walk down the street in this outfit unless I was famous or Rihanna ~
This adidas suit (!!!!!) (HOW TO FIND IT)
Black leather slip on trainers (MUST FIND)
Coat from Zara (MUST RAISE FUNDS)

And then loads of other things ugh that I want and can't afford. Also yesterday I started panicking about finding a job after college which is funny because I've still got a year and 2 weeks. But I'm going to start looking as soon as I get back from London. If there's one thing I am most certain about myself is that when I stress about something I will get it done because the stress levels are too high for me to sustain it so the only way to get rid of the stress is get to the end goal. So yeah, hopefully will be set, especially as I don't go out a whole lot in LA ($$$$) so while my peers are being stupid doing greek life stuff I will be sorting out my (v cool hopefully) future.

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  1. Good luck finding job! and have a lot of fun in London, is cool!