a lesson on potting plants + other things

I went through my iPhone photos and here are the results.

First, let's learn how to pot plants

And then to continue with green thumb with some stuff from the Getty:

My dad found decorations at Easter mass...

Pretty skies on my run

Also don't forget your greens and don't forget to wash the windows pls. Also a license plate "SHUGA B"

Okay now the rest are just funny pictures (like a stretching selfie) and a gift (Sir Mix-a-Lot (!!!)) and some pants I like but didn't buy and also just random photos from all around (and the 'red moon' from the 'eclipse')

This has been a weird post. Really really bad maybe? Andy sent me the photos he took when he was here so I'm going to edit them and make on big post. I'm viewing it as a comparison - how he edits vs how I edit. Kind of think I might do better but we will see (tehe). Also I did some stuff for my final project so I'll post it afterwards within the next few days. Probably right after the post of Andy's photos because they're mostly of just me and I can't really do a post of just me and have nothing else right after. I'm a little tired and this is the last week of classes then next Friday I'll be done with junior year. I remember last summer so well and I remember my time in Hong Kong so well but I don't remember anything from this semester it is ridiculous. I can't wait to leave.

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