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Bee & I finally got around to recording my show for TOTAL BABES RADIO. I spent a while on making the mixtape and worked on the transitions as much as I could - I know these songs so well & I know which comes before and what comes after so mixing up songs and trying to make the transitions as smooth as possible while knowing exactly how nice the original transitions are is maybe the trickiest thing out there. I sound v girly when I speak, but I think it works well with the songs I chose. 

Girls (ft Mona Lisa) ~ Cam'ron
Ed-Ucation ~ Dr Dre
Bitches & Ho's ~ Geto Boys
Forgot About Dre ~ Dr Dre
Patiently Waiting (ft Eminem) ~ 50 Cent
My Mind Playing Tricks On Me ~ Geto Boys
RE:DEFinition ~ Blackstar
Go To The Floor ~ Missy Elliott
Let Me Blow Ya Mind (ft Gwen Stefani) ~ Eve
Mig Momma Thang (ft Jay-Z & Lil Cease) ~ Lil Kim
Best Friends (ft Aaliyah) ~ Missy Elliott

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