I'm going back to One Dim Sum tonight with Andy so I'll be sure to take legitimate photos. I actually have so many of these but I only got around to editing the above three. Isabelle and I ordered ten dishes, which was so much that the waiters kept asking us if we were sure we wanted them to keep bringing the food out. Clearly they underestimated us. Grand total: 150HKD, which is $19.35. We could have easily finished at 80HKD because honestly, spending almost $20 on dim sum here is absolutely ridiculous. It was a Michelin Star restaurant and it is very, very good, but we both agreed that it wasn't super spectacular (we are dim sum connoisseurs). We were thinking the star was given just because it was one of the first dim sums in HK. 

I need to do a post about all the yummy snacks, mainly the egg custards, pineapple buns, cocktail buns and mango drink. MANGO DRINKS. Holy cow those are heaven on earth. Like drinking textured heavenly yumminess. 

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  1. Ha ha ha in my case I always feel I'm going to explode when I eat in chinese restaurants, but I see both of you have good apetite! lol and I guess is not the same eat asian food in London or Bilbao than in Hong Kong, enjoy!