My friend and I were on a mission to find pig skin for his art project and we went into town not really knowing what to do. One of the most important things to remember while in Hong Kong is to look up - I'm so used to everything being on the ground floor but some of the best clubs, bars, restaurants, shops, nail salons, etc are on the 4th or 15th or 118th floor. We saw these pretty dodgy looking stairs and decided to walk up and we got to this rooftop, which was definitely someone's home seeing as there were 2 mattresses in the chain linked fence area. Super snap happy as you can see - the scaffolding is the best because it's all bamboo and it's incredible how it's all hand done.

We ended up finding the pig skin hours later - after an unnecessary ferry ride and a fight with the MTR doors. They kept repeating "too dirty! too dirty!" because they thought we wanted to cook the skin, and if these guys say it's too dirty then it's bound to be nearly deathly. Thankfully we communicated through a very kind business man that it was for an art project and we got it for free.


  1. Different cultures lol! hi I used to take a sight at your blog when you had the old one with your sister and some years after I find your new one ha ha great simple style yours! ;)

    1. Oh my gosh hey :) this is so cool, thank you xx