I was studying in the library yesterday and started watching the Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2014 and then I started watching interviews of him and of Michele Lamy and then I got into interviews of Diane Pernet. 

I know it wasn't the point at all but Rick Owens looked great in this video. Also interesting to listen to and a good way to take a little study break. Now, on the other hand...

Michele Lamy is awesome. Her hair color reminds me of all the old ladies in Switzerland but she rocks it. It's people like her that make me want to stop caring so much about what others think of me - like I really enjoy wearing a ton of rings and fur and funky platform shoes but sometimes I tone it down to look like I'm 21 instead of 20 (ya know what I'm saying) and all these things but now I want to fuck all that and wear ten thousand puffy rings and put gold plates on my teeth and wear a line down my nose or something because it'll keep me "grounded". She's so cool.

And finally Diane Pernet. What a total cool chic, honestly. That hair thing she does and those sunglasses that are a little too big for her face and are definitely squat cat eye glasses...I really want to see just where this all came from and what sorts of "looks" she had to move through to finally settle on this one. I bet she was totally wild in her younger days.

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