I went with a completely new group of people on the camping trip and I've been hanging out with them more. I remember seeing these two boys on campus, though, before meeting them and thinking that they looked really cool together - like they were just meant to be friends. It must have been the hair. The redhead is from Germany and the black haired guy is from London. 

This is possibly the creepiest post I have ever made because we're still at that point in our friendship where I haven't told them about the blog yet I'm still posting these photos... But I tried to even out the weirdness by starting off with the place we ate at (a larger group of people, this isn't some lovefest of a thing. I just really dig their style. I think I told them I liked their Nikes one too many times), which was in an alleyway in Soho, then we ended up at the fishball place again (part one of two) then we went to a club called Midnight with really good music and headed back to the amphitheater type place to cool down (except the third photo I posted of those two at the amphitheater was from a different night) (and the last photo was of that same night of everything else). There's another really funny photo of the Germany guy smoking a cigarette using chopsticks but if I uploaded that too that would be absolutely ridiculous. It's already on Facebook and so I should stop myself. 

The guy who's face is on the right side of the last photo kept taking photo after another of us and there's enough to make pretty solid gifs of the two boys in the background but I honestly can't bring myself to do that. It's much too creepy. That night was only the second night I've seen them since camping so I really think that making gifs of them would be crossing a severe line...

Friday should be a good day though - full of sightseeing and I'll take good photos and I'll be going with some girlfriends and it's less creepy to upload photos of your girlfriends I think so that should be good. I'll be back tomorrow xx

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