As there is no Muji in Los Angeles I decided to indulge a little and buy myself a few gifts for my one month anniversary in Hong Kong (this was a few weeks ago...I got here on the 24th of August). I bought a pencil holder, toe pad things, a pen (!!! glides so smooth!!!), an eyebrow and eyelash dual brush (the difference is real), two clips that I think are meant for only styling or something but I really like how they look and a hairbrush (I never brush my hair but for the one or none times I do per month, I will definitely use this one).

Madde is arriving and we're doing some touristy things - lightshow and ferry back to Causeway to walk around. Potentially revisiting the horse races - like 99% going to - and then call it good..The MTR closes at 12:45 and I definitely do not want to taxi it back so we're having a very relaxed night. Photos will be taken and maybe (???) there's an outfit coming up.

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