We started the night off at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A bit of a let down - they had us walk for a good 30 minutes in line and once we got into that globe thing, they pushed us out after a few minutes. We were also told it was going to be made out of wine bottles and instead we got water bottles galore.

It was pretty though, I have to admit. There were a few stands and I ate a mooncake (finally) but overall it was ridiculously crowded, very loud and just overall not so fun. Granted I probably should have done some research to learn more about the festival. Maybe that might have made it mean something.

After the festival we headed to SoHo and went to this "French" bar that is very hidden and it seems like something local, but it was full of old white men and women. Definitely a cool place but also definitely not local.

7/11 is king over here. And just about every night ends up 50% "Sleven" and 50% actually doing things. But honestly, Sleven has their shit together.

We ended up joining a pub crawl at the very last stop and got in for free. Pub crawls are pretty good because they do take you places you wouldn't have found yourself, mostly because they're the ones that aren't on the first floor. After that last club or pub or whatever it was, we made our way back to the Sleven at LKF, found some friends, walked around a bit more, found more friends, wandered into a few more bars, found more friends, got hungry, sat down at some place and had wonton soup, waited 15 minutes for a taxi, taxi didn't have enough gas so he took us to a metro stop, rode the metro for only 20 minutes and trekked up the hill with another group who had just arrived.

The sun was completely up, the weather was good, the company was good and it was a really typical, nice night out. Here is a view of a side street at LKF:

That's not bad at all. LKF is fun because all the uni students are there and there are locals as well, but mostly ex-pats. I enjoy going there but I definitely want to find something more "Hong Kong". Or maybe this is very HK because I for sure do not see stuff like this in LA. You never see people out like this in LA. I have some more cultural posts to put up and I tomorrow I'm going to shop, which is quite exciting.. 

Hope y'all enjoyed this diary entry of a post.

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