Whenever Henri visits LA, he always has to force me off the couch (my natural habitat unfortunately. Or fortunately, it all depends on how you look at it) and makes me go visit places in LA. When I was in NYC earlier this summer we had gone to loads of museums and I thought to myself, "Oh Isabelle, you should definitely go to museums when you get back. You have so much free time!"

Needless to say I did not follow through. I blame it on not having a car and being very sick of biking everywhere and dealing with the potholes.

But we had a car and so we went! And for free because LA residents don't have to pay! Even though neither of us has a California license or any proof of being a tax-paying citizen! I showed my USC ID though and that sort of worked! And we did not follow through with Henri's story - literally changed it to accommodate every question the ticket lady was asking us. But it worked. And at least we were accommodating.

There were some cool things. I didn't know what any of it was but I did like some stuff. And felt really annoyed while taking pictures because why does a camera have to make so much noise?!!

They had some really awesome models and stuff and I really liked all the details.

Like would you look at this! So cool! I don't know what it was but it was really pretty and I stared at everything for way too long. 

And sometimes I sort of think the grounds are a lot cooler than what's inside.

I leave LA this Friday to go back to Portland. I'm in Portland for 1 full week and then Henri and I are off to Hong Kong. I need to make sure I have everything / figure out what "everything" is. Also, I feel like I'm starting to know what I want this blog to be like. It should be less "fashion" and more "lifestyle" with a "large dose" of "fashion". And I think I may be getting a smaller sized camera for my birthday (August 28 - you better recognize) which will be easier to carry around and take photos and videos of Hong Kong. So the webcam should be retired shortly, unless I'm doing a "webcam cleanout" post.

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