Boy am I clever with these titles. Also, am I wearing the same outfit as two posts down? Why yes I am! I hate "fashionistas" who claim they don't wear the same outfit twice because honestly, if you find something that works and looks good (this looks great in my mind), who cares if you wear it twice in a row or maybe every other day? Probably no one. No one notices crap like this and if they do they're weird for stalking you.

Also, I hate when people are like, "Oooh I love fashion - I don't own sweatpants". Those two things are not correlated at all. It depends on how you wear your sweats. I don't wear mine out of the house because I look very awful in them and I have yet to find a nice pair of sweatpants. And I pity you for not owning any because they are great (although I suggest exercising [tehe] your self-control because their stretchy waistband will not alert you when you've eaten too much).

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