I don't really have the skills right now to do full outfit posts, nor am I pleased enough with my wardrobe to want to share it all. I went through a panic attack (I know how ridiculous that sounds...) because I realized how shit all my clothes are. I'm now in the process of condensing, selling and giving it all away. I'm going to save all the money and make sure to buy only the best, even if it means I buy one item once a month.

Anyway, here's a detail shot (again) of the pants I'm currently wearing. They're starting to get more ratted at the bottom, which I love, and my Supergas are becoming very dirty. I wonder if I'll just replace them or if I get an alternative go-to walking shoe. Who knows and who cares but myself.

Also just look at those tips! I got $12 in dollar bills and another $8 in coins. I officially get more dressed for my yogurt shop job than I do when I go out.

Maybe I need to rethink my priorities? Or are they fine? Oh I don't know, I think I've survived thus far.

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