I haven't been here in a while but I decided, since I had just finished my last class of sophomore year, I should go there one more time. So I got the usual - the custardy dessert and the baked (probably fried) elephant ear thing that I finally, successfully, didn't eat all at once.

Then I went to Ralph's, got a good amount of groceries and proceeded to be hit by a girl on a bike and I fell on my back in the middle of the street. Thank god the lights were red. Also - mostly annoyed because half my eggs broke and she diplomatically handed me my fallen avocado and I was this close to chucking it at her back. But I didn't.

Anyway, this is the weirdest part of the year. On my way home from class I went from really happy to really sad to really indifferent to really excited for the future to wanting to stay in bed forever to wanting to call everyone I know and making us all hang out and have the best of times. I didn't, thank god. But it's the calm before the storm - I'll start studying hardcore on Sunday. I'll bike over to Cafe Dulce (hopefully) on Saturday and get a little Japanese bakery love since I just got my Mexican bakery love.

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