Somehow the year is almost over - I have a total of seven days left of actual school...then we have a little study break and then finals roll around and I'm out for summer! It's terrifying how quickly the past two years of college have gone by. Next year, when I get back to USC, I'll be a second semester junior. I'll be an "old" college student and it's weird because if you know me in real life I act like a 13 year old. And I always assumed that by age 20 I should be a little more mature but I think that at every age I'll act a decade or two younger than I am. 

Anyway, the first photo was taken walking back from dinner freshman year. I ate with Estelle and Isabelle and I thought the track looked cool. The second photo is back in St Barths on the last day when the girls (tehe) (Isabelle, Lauren, Deb and I) went on a little car ride around the island. This time stuff is a total trip y'all.

Posting will slow down a little bit because I'll be trying to make sure my GPA is respectable enough.

PS: Total side note but I went to Vegas this past weekend w/a friend of mine for his frat's formal. I didn't die. I actually had fun. But never again probably ever. Most ridiculous thing I think I have ever partaken in. 

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