So far I feel like I've got a good handle on summer. Now that I'm in college and all, and that I want a job when I get out, I can't just laze away my summers like I used to do back in those glorious high school days. Like what was high school? Jesuit sucked my soul away and Lincoln made me feel so badass because all I did was skip school and I still did better than a good portion of my class. But I digress.

I've been biking to Wasteland multiple times to sell Mariel's clothes (I literally do not remember where I put the clothes I needed to sell. I pulled an all-nighter for no other reason than to pack up my apartment and I still somehow managed to mess that up) and I always walk the last 2 or 3 blocks because I need to cool down and not barge in there looking like a hot (haute) mess.

This was taken as I was cooling under a tree. As you can see, I must have been really heat-stricken because this photo is in no way interesting or cool. But I did make a decent amount of monie$ and I met a few characters there and I sent out my resume to lots of places and already have a taker! 

Going to New York tomorrow night and I think that will be a great kick starter to some new photos. I am really not producing any good content right now. Maybe less selfies and more normal people photos, hmm?

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